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How to get the most out of  new connected object technologies

"Routine is not organization, any more than paralysis is order"

Arthur helps

3A: Audit Help Support

3A Auditer Aider Accompagner

All companies have this in common that they need to grow, adapt and change so that they are always in working order according to their market. Paradoxically, it is common for these actions to be done to the detriment of the efficiency of the company and to come into more or less apparent conflict with an original organization. In fact, management does not always have the tools, the time or the human resources to see the problem and to review this organization to track down and eradicate incomplete, sterile processes, unnecessary practices that have become costly to more than one title.

BigVista offers a method of approaching the company through 7 pillars to deliver a diagnosis and recommendations, and thus increase the efficiency of services and the performance of the company . This method is based on interviews at all levels of the company under the supervision of the management. It provides for the identification of processes & tools and the submission of a report of conclusions, possibly followed by support.

Seven pillars of the company

- Strategy and purpose
- Structure
- Systems
- Management styles
- Human ressources
- Know how
- Shared values

Tools for an approach

BigVista also offers a method to measure understanding and control the impact of changes on customer satisfaction .

Support change

Because transferring is never a simple thing, BigVista offers to support the company in the implementation of its action plan.

Business Partnership

Because we believe that it is essential to bring value, we are constantly looking for Business Partners with the aim of combining our actions and multiplying the effects of each person's skills and specialties.

Working together makes it possible to compose the
best combinations of value for the benefit of customers, users and the market.

Business Partnership

Consulting - Projects

Because a project never takes place on its own and you have a job, your specialty is the opposite of project management, BigVista offers to support you in the progress of your project , from the expression of your needs until delivery / receipt.

We support you on your projects of:

- telematics
- embedded software
- connectivity
- applications
- Big Data
- mobile applications
- integration

"When the speed of market change exceeds

that of the organization, the end is near. "

Jack  Welch

Conseil - Projets
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