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We give you back the full control over of your goods and materials
with IoT solutions integrating the best of connected technologies

Entrepôt et marchandises monitorés pa DirectView

IoT solution skilfully combining Bluetooth, GPS and wireless technologies to monitor end-to-end flow of goods and containers, whether they arein a warehouse or in transit .

Merchandise and Containers Tracking


Geolocation of equipment and  equipment

Autonomous, deterrent and ultra-resistant GPS beacon  allowing you to locate your machines 24/7  (dumpsters,  buckets, etc.), your wagons and trailers  all over the world, and to ensure a better monitoring of your  materials.

Engin de chantier équipé d'un TOUGHTracker
Balise GPS TOUGHTracker
Bateau équipe d'un Asset Tracker

Autonomous GPS tracker with a duration of 2 years on a charge and an accuracy of less than 30cm. Small and discreet, it can be placed in all types of means of transport (boats, scooters, cars, etc.) and trigger accurate monitoring upon request.

Protection against theft and recovery of means of transport

ping ideogramme.png

First portable device to combine logistic functions such as 3D measurement and barcode scanner, with real-time transfer of logistics data (dimension, aspect, cropped image, barcode, and metadata) in batch mode to your WMS


The new Logistics SuperTool

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