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The DNA of Big Vista :  Precision, Sustainability and Integration

We believe that in order to be able to monitor their equipment, goods and containers 24/7, companies must deploy connected objects and solutions that must precisely locate them, be scalable, with a maximum service life, and provide legacy data. It is only with these 3 components that organizations will be able to control from start to finish their logistics flows, improve their quality of service , and reduce the total cost of their equipment fleet (TCO).

Connected objects for  business  offered by the IoT agency Big Vista  rely on these 3 components to offer  a combination  unique features:

TOUGH TRACKER is a GPS beacon absolutely unique in its kind by its Kevlar armor, giving it a robustness unequaled for a stunning longevity (10 years).


DirectView  combines GPS , GPRS and Bluetooth Low Energy 4.2, 5,0 and 5.2 technologies for end to end tracking the flow of goods  and supervise in real time the movement of business equipment.

Big Vista  offers  connected solutions and objects making no compromission with  the location,  leaning  on multi-constellation satellite technologies (GPS) delivering less than one meter accuracy ,  all over the  world and in all circumstances.

Because geolocation must  to be  synonym of  precision

Because energy shouldn't be a problem

Big Vista   offers  connected objects  for companies overcoming the problems of  longevity and guaranteeing  life span of materials up to 10 years without any intervention.

At Big Vista , we  think  that data is  precious  and critic  for  companies, so we ensure that the IoT solutions that we  offer can easily be integrated into our customers information systems    and enrich it with  APIs so that companies can keep the intellectual property of their data (Data IP).

Because your data belongs to you

Do you need to follow equipment?

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